Galante & Martins International is the professional services branch that supports international businesses development.

This branch takes care of specific clients:

– Local clients thinking about international expansion, from simple international trade operations to breaking into new markets (Local companies set-up, trademarks, labor matters, residencies, financial and banking aspects, etc.)

– Regional clients aiming to set up their international businesses in several countries, having their base in local holdings and counting with an appropriate corporate structure and international tax planning.

– International or multinational clients which establish regional headquarters and centralize their actions in a single activities center.

At World Trade Center Free Zone offices we provide our clients with global services based on our experience, in addition to the advantages offered by the Uruguayan and regional regimes concerning international trading, holdings and management of business with regional exchanges.

We are aware of the needs and challenges which frequently show up with international business start-up, thus we work together with our clients in the search and implementation of the most appropriate solutions, always having in mind that your entrepreneurship requires the reliability and confidence you can only obtain from those who understand your business.

Galante & Martins International works in more than forty countries, among which you will find: Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, France, United States, Canada, China, India, and the whole Latin American market.

1 – Tax advice and resource planning

Managing your businesses when they are located in different territories and being able to control them professionally as well as efficiently implies difficulties. We believe that, in order to take the best out of the resources and to minimize difficulties, it is convenient to develop a centralized working system in charge of the administration of companies abroad. The same applies to those people and families that need to take care of the administration of their investments and businesses as well as all the issues concerning estate planning.

Together with our professional staff, we plan and administer your operations abroad, monitoring your business growth and international expansion as well as your interests.

2 – Business planning

A lot of difficulties come with the decision of starting up in a new market, which represents one of the most frequent concerns among entrepreneurs. In addition, such concern is fed by the complexity of the regulations and the need for proper management of every aspect related to opening your business, besides the fact of dealing with the need of cost optimization associated with such challenge.

Galante & Martins knows the challenges implied in carrying out a new business and we count with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals trained and qualified to give you the solutions on every aspect in order to start up your business, design an accurate structure and come up with a suitable tax and financial planning to optimize the results.

3 – International deals and negotiations

We are aware of the difficulties usually involved in negotiations between companies which develop their businesses abroad. In Galante & Martins we commit ourselves with your business development by offering tailored contracts and solutions.

4- Investment advice

Our department specialized in productive investments provide our clients with assistance and counseling about regulations and existing benefits regimes in regional countries so that we can develop and accompany their investment projects until the aims are completely fulfilled.

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